Co-chair of the Republican National Committee Lara Trump joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about the unprecedented nature of former President Trump’s criminal trial in New York City.

“This is a former president of the United States. This is a guy who is in the front position and the likely person who will be the next president of the United States. It is preposterous that we would sit him for six weeks in a courthouse for this sham of a case. You better have something rock solid and airtight if you are going to drag a former and likely future president into a courtroom in downtown Manhattan. And this whole thing has been such a show trial, it’s been such a clown show in and of itself. But yeah, I’m sure they’re probably regretting it to some extent, because everything they’ve tried to do to Donald Trump backfires and blows up in their face. They first started with the very first indictment, and they thought, well, that’ll be all it takes to take down Donald Trump. Then they had another indictment and they said, let’s get Fani Willis in Fulton County involved. Get her to put out a mug shot, that’ll seal the deal. Nobody will want to vote for this guy. And his poll numbers shot up and people said, wait a minute, something’s going on here. I better pay attention. And then they’ve had to see day in and day out for six weeks, Donald Trump sit through this crazy mess of a trial over absolutely nothing. There’s nothing that ties him to anything illegal. And it is wild and crazy. And it is so un-American to see. So yeah, they’re probably regretting this to some extent, and I hope their ultimate regret comes on the evening of November 5th of this year, when they ultimately realize that they have actually helped elect Donald Trump as the next president.”

Jimmy and Lara also share their thoughts on actor Robert De Niro’s recent rant about Trump outside the courthouse in Manhattan. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they discussed!