Israel, the Biden Administration, and the Red Lines in Rafah

Israel is facing further scrutiny after an airstrike in Rafah resulted in the deaths of over forty civilians. The IDF has disputed that the deaths were caused directly by the strike, suggesting nearby stored munitions are to blame. Countries across the globe have condemned the military operation, with three EU countries voting to recognize an independent Palestinian state. FOX News Foreign Correspondent Trey Yingst joins the Rundown to discuss the United States’ response to the strike in Rafah, the recent structural failure of the $320 million humanitarian aid pier built off the Gazan coast, and where he sees the conflict going over the coming months.

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that almost one in nine children is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (commonly referred to as ADHD). Some experts believe constant access to smartphones is a major part of the problem. Shockingly, nearly one-third of these children have not received any treatment, and the shortage of Adderall, a drug used to treat ADHD, is exacerbating the situation. Psychotherapist Thomas Kersting is the author of “Raising Healthy Teenagers,” and he joins the podcast to discuss why more teenagers today struggle to stay focused and how smartphones are worsening youth attention issues.

Plus, commentary by former Trump economic adviser and economist at the Heritage Foundation, Steve Moore.

Photo Credit: AP