Libertarian Party Selects Woke Chase Oliver

The Libertarian Party selected a woke joke as its presidential nominee and it’s no wonder the third party isn’t taken seriously. 


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After several rounds of voting, the Libertarian Party selected its presidential nominee, Chase Oliver, who seems to be just another leftist democrat by a different name. 


You may remember him as the man whose candidacy in the Georgia Senate race forced the runoff election that allowed Democrats to take the senate. 


He is a 38-year-old gay man from Atlanta who not only defends drag shows for kids but also believes the real problem with the border is that it is in fact, not open enough. 


Wow, that’s the best the Libertarian Party could come up with? That guy? 


Not even RFK Jr?


Libertarians, if that’s the guy you’re going with, is it really a wonder your party isn’t taken seriously and you have no shot at winning anything?


The modern libertarian movement doesn’t appear to be about liberty at all, just another leftist sideshow freak show by another name. 


Good luck!


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