Former Utah Congressman and host of the “Jason in the House Podcast” Jason Chaffetz joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain why it’s too late in the game for the Democrats to get President Biden off the ticket before November’s election, despite growing concerns over his poll numbers.

“You know, when they go on things and say, well, we never look at the polls. Are you kidding me? They live in free by the polls. Nobody believes that crap. So, they’re stuck. You know, somebody also wrote over the weekend, I think it’s right, they boxed themselves in by creating this necessity of having Kamala Harris that because of identity politics, that’s where they are. You know who’s really to blame for us getting Joe Biden? It’s Barack Obama and I’m convinced that Barack Obama does not like Joe Biden. I mean think about it, he picked him out as his vice president. I’ve been in rooms with the two of them and they were like Obama did, did not like the Joe Biden in the meeting that I was in, that’s for sure. But it comes time to. hey, we’ve been there for eight years. Who’s up next? He went with Hillary. He didn’t go with his VP.  He talked him out of running and then Biden finally came back and Biden wasn’t going to do anything. But they were scared with where the party was going. So they James Clyburn comes in and saves him in South Carolina and says, hey, you know, let’s pick this person. He’ll be easy to win. But nobody’s ever been enthusiastic about Joe Biden, ever.”

Jimmy and Jason also react to actor Robert De Niro’s crazed rant about former President Trump and his supporters. To hear what else they discussed, listen to the podcast!