General Hospital Star Murdered by Thugs in LA

General Hospital star Johnny Wactor was murdered in LA after confronting thugs breaking into his car.

Lawless LA strikes again. 

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Over the weekend, General Hospital actor Johnny Wactor was shot and killed in LA. His mistake? He confronted masked thugs attempting to steal the catalytic converter off his vehicle. 

Police say one of the masked thugs shot Wactor before the three degenerates got in a separate vehicle and drove away. 

Wactor was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The thugs are still at large. 

Thugs, thieves and degenerates murder innocent people every day in LA but it generally only garners headlines when a famous person is involved. 

LA is lawless and it didn’t get that way on its own. The felon coddling policies adopted by felon coddling Democrats have created an environment where thugs rule the streets and innocent people are often caught in the crosshairs. 

Why anyone would want to raise a family there is beyond me!

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