A Young Jewish Women Tells Her Story of Surviving October 7th

Eden Gefner was born and raised in Kibbutz Reim in Israel, just three miles from the border with Gaza. On October 7th, her life changed from being a normal 28-year-old thinking about her future, to believing she was now in the Holocaust, that she and her family would die, just for being Jews. But instead, she and her mother, father, and boyfriend narrowly survived the Hamas attack. Hiding in the safe room and holding tight to the door, they heard automatic gunfire break the front door, a terrorist searching their home and finally, a tug on the door. Eden says it was a miracle they survived when so much death surrounded them. On their community “WhatsApp” chain a neighbor is yelling to help two children who just saw their father gunned down in front of them, others are giving updates on how many Hamas terrorists are surrounding the Kibbutz. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, we travel to East Hampton, New York to interview Eden just before she told her story of survival to a small group at Chabad of the Hamptons. It’s part of the Faces of October 7th Project, which aims to “humanize the consequences of terrorism and challenge the support that terrorist organizations like Hamas have garnered, particularly among young people.”