From Washington: What Does A Post-Hamas Gaza Look Like?

Tensions in the Middle East have reached a new high following a helicopter crash that killed the Iranian President and Foreign Minister last weekend. This paired with¬†the¬†devastating news that many hostages being held by Hamas were killed at the beginning of the conflict, despite many families holding out hope for months. To break down¬†this week’s developments in the¬†Middle East,¬†FOX News Foreign Correspondent Alex Hogan¬†discusses how she believes Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s death¬†will impact the country and the region, where ceasefire and hostage negotiations currently stand in the Israel-Hamas War, and what she’s seen reporting in the region.¬†


The number of migrants crossing the southern border fell significantly in the last few months, but the political fight hasn’t waned.¬†The issue remains a top concern¬†for many¬†Americans¬†and¬†both parties¬†are¬†trying to convince voters they have solutions to the migrant crisis. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to advance a long-stalled bipartisan agreement this week, but the measure failed to overcome a filibuster with opposition mounted from both parties.¬†FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram¬†speculates as to why the vote was held and questions if there is a path forward to break the gridlock of immigration politics.