WNBA Players Complain About Flying Commercial

WNBA players are complaining about their travel accommodations as the league’s entitlement complex levels up.

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Thanks to Caitlin Clark, the WNBA is getting more attention than usual lately and I think it’s going to their heads. 

Certain players like Angel Reese have been vocal about their displeasure with having to fly commercial instead of private. 

The WNBA is now looking to transition to chartered flights for its athletes. 

That’s a pretty big ask for a league that is not profitable, barely brings in $200 million annually and relies on the NBA for some of its funding. 

The NBA, by the way, pulls in $10 billion. 

Chartered flights would cost the league about $25 million over the next two seasons which is a good chunk of cash for a league that, again, is not profitable. 

It’s great the WNBA is getting more recognition but the league has to earn its stripes and the complaining is not helping!

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