Florida Republican Congressman Michael Waltz joins Fox Across America With guest host Kennedy to discuss the importance of having more of the brave men and women who served our nation in uniform make the transition to the political world.

“Well, look, I’ll just say on the kind of, how do we get out of this, you know, divisive paralysis, one way is to get more veterans elected. In the 1970s, 75%, three quarters of both the House and the Senate were vets. And again, if we’re willing to, you know, fight together on a plane, tank or ship against our common foes for the goodness of America, then we can take tough votes. By 2020, that percentage a decline from 75% to 15%. So I’m passionate about getting more veterans with some skin in the game elected. We’ve been doing that. We’ve increased the percentage for the first time, this last election cycle in 40 years. But if you’re a veteran out there listening, you know you’re not done just because you went overseas, the country needs you. And, it’s not that you become the world’s greatest legislator because you served, but you understand teamwork, discipline, followership, leadership, staying mission focused, actually achieving an objective.”

Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say to Kennedy!