Nikki Haley Will Vote Trump

Nikki Haley has finally swallowed her ego and announced who she will vote for.

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I don’t know about y’all but I’ve sure enjoyed NOT hearing from Nikki Haley over the last few months. 

BUT, if we do have to listen to her, I’ll tolerate it IF it comes in the form of her recent comments about Donald Trump. 

It sure took a while, but Nikki has finally and officially stated she will vote for Donald Trump in November.

Though her endorsement was a little lukewarm and she did take a jab at the former president, she was big enough to admit Biden’s policies are a catastrophe. 

Yeah, no duh, Nikki. 

In the scheme of things, I’m not sure her saying she will vote for Trump will move the needle much. I think her voters either always planned to vote for Trump in the end OR happen to be Democrats who just don’t like Biden. 

Either way, it’s nice to see she finally swallowed her pride and admitted she will vote for Trump.

Now let’s go back to hearing nothing outta her, please! 

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