Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future Daniel Turner joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to give his take on why climate change does not appear to be a top issue for voters as we approach the 2024 presidential election.

“You know, there’s a real problem of the climate movement is that they struggled very hard over the past 30 years to get a loyal following, despite the fact that they spend literally trillions of dollars, despite all immediate enthusiasm and John Kerry flying around the world screaming about it, the American people don’t. Because when you’re paying $4 a dozen for eggs, that kind of seems to take priority, right? So they are always struggling to build a loyal base. And then there’s a real advantage to tying it to something like race, which, let’s be very honest, most Americans are aren’t talking about race. So if we talk to the community, you know what we’re saying, we’re saying shut up. Don’t voice your opinion. Because as soon as it’s like, I can’t talk about this anymore. And that’s why they want to tie it to our communities so that the rest of us are all just told to shut up and get on board.”

Jimmy and Daniel also discuss the planned debates between President Biden and former President Trump. Listen to the podcast to hear everything they talked about!