Trump Takes on the Bronx

Donald Trump will hold a rally in the South Bronx this week.

Could the Empire State maybe, just maybe be up for grabs? 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Former President Trump has been tied up in court for a month but that won’t stop him from being a man of the people. 

In his first New York rally since 2016, Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in the South Bronx on Thursday. 

And guess what, the people of that typically very blue, very Democrat area…seem to be pretty excited about it.

I applaud Trump, not only for his stamina and relentless campaigning despite the Democrat efforts to shut him up, but also for going somewhere that a lot of other Republicans would write off as unwinnable. 

I know it’s a long shot, but maybe just maybe Donald Trump can win in blue states like New York. 

The average people of America are hurting. Inflation, crime, and the open border have driven even the most liberal of the liberals into a forced wake up call, or at least we hope!

Either way, it takes gut and grit to show up and Donald Trump has both.

Let’s Make New York Great Again, too!

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