The Biden Administration is Hiding the Nationalities of Illegals on Terror Watch List

Thousands of illegals are still busting into our country, some on the terror watch list, but Biden doesn’t want you to know the nationalities of those folks. 

What is he hiding?

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

We’ve all been super distracted by the Trump hush money trial in New York City and I get it.

But while we are fixated on the courtroom drama, we are allowing Biden and Democrats to get away with the mass invasion at our borders. 

The Biden Administration is also refusing to disclose the nationalities of illegal immigrants flagged on the terror watch list. 

Fox News filed a FOIA request to get this information Biden’s DHS won’t disclose it citing “privacy concerns.”

I want to reiterate that, the Biden Admin refuses to disclose the nationalities of the illegal immigrants on the TERROR WATCH LIST to respect the PRIVACY CONCERNS of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ON THE TERROR WATCH LIST!

What are they hiding? And why are Democrats so hell bent on protecting illegals over Americans?

Illegal immigration is our single biggest threat and the Democrats are getting away with it. 

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