Gillian Turner: Biden’s Condolences of the Death of Iranian President Raisi is “Head-Scratching”

Gillian Turner, State Department Correspondent & Anchor for Fox News, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest in Iran as the country lost President Raisi in a helicopter crash. She discusses the high stakes power struggle that is soon to ensue, and Benson and Turner discuss the head-scratching move from the State Department to offer condolences for the so-called “Butcher of Tehran”. Listen to the full interview below.

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Turner had this to say on the head-scratching decision to offer condolences for Iranian President Raisi:

“The other head scratching thing that’s happening now that I want to tell you about, just tuning out from the State Department briefing to join you on radio, is that the Secretary of State, the President, are getting a whole lot of push back now because they offered official condolences for the death of Iranian President Raisi. They decry him as this terrible tyrant, a human rights abuser. They accuse him of sponsoring all kinds of militias around the region that are killing U.S. troops, killing Israelis, trying to target U.S. civilians when they can to. And yet, they offered official condolences on the day of his death to the Iranian government and the Iranian people.”