From Washington: Former President Trump’s Possible Running Mate

Despite spending a lot of the last two weeks in a Manhattan courtroom, former President Donald Trump continues to get out and about, giving pizza to New York firefighters and speaking with reporters about the so-called hush money case. However, when he is NOT talking about his legal woes, President Trump transitions into campaign mode, making stops in Michigan and Wisconsin last week. As Election Day creeps up, many are eager to see who he will pick as his running mate. Executive Vice President of Targeted Victory and Senior Advisor to Tim Scott’s presidential campaign, Matt Gorman, explains how the trial impacts his reelection campaign and the few rumored Vice President options.

As the Biden Administration continues cracking down on China, imposing new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels, and more, establishing trade relations with the country has become more complex than ever. As a result, many lawmakers are working across the aisle to create a competitive network of trade partners within the Western Hemisphere — benefitting our allies and limiting China’s power. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) discusses how he and his colleagues are setting out to do this with the America’s Act — legislation that sets out to create a stable, sophisticated trade policy that’s built to last.