Extra: Dana Perino, Meg Jay Talk ‘Adulting’ And The Struggles Of Twentysomethings

‘Adulting’ isn’t easy – especially for twenty-somethings.

It’s a transitional decade when young people are making massive life decisions about where to live, who to love, and what career path they want to take.

Bestselling author and psychologist Meg Jay specializes in twenty-somethings and has been offering help and advice to this misunderstood group of young adults for over two decades. She has also given one of the most-watched Ted Talks ever on that same topic.

She recently joined special guest host Dana Perino on the Fox News Rundown to discuss her career, the advice she gives struggling young adults and her new book, ‘The Twenty-Something Treatment: A Revolutionary Remedy For An Uncertain Age’.

The two also discussed how people in their twenties commonly turn to prescription drugs to cope with anxiety and depression sparked by the stress in their lives.

 The segment that aired this week on the regular weekday version of the Rundown only included a small portion of the interview.

On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear Dana Perino’s entire interview with author and psychologist Meg Jay and get even more of her valuable perspective and advice on how people in their twenties and their families can better address the challenges that come with early adulthood.