Former New York Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin joins Fox Across America With guest host Jason Chaffetz to give his take on the anti-Israel protests that have been taking place at Columbia University, UCLA and many other schools throughout the country.

“For those who are in charge of these campuses, they should know exactly what to do when you have these activities that go way beyond anything that would be free speech protected, crimes are being committed. They set red lines that they won’t actually be. They pander. They negotiate with these people. They cancel, you know, commencements, giving in. They won’t take enough action to make sure that, you know, the Jewish students who pay their tuition are able to access the library when studying for finals. And as far as the leadership, it’s also with people in government. In some states, like Texas or Florida, where Abbott and DeSantis and others they spoke up to lead in a moment like this. You have people like Kathy Hochul in New York who get asked, what are you going to do about it? What’s your response? Are you going to call the National Guard? And their response is, their instinct is answer is that they’re not going to do anything, that it’s not their responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the president of Columbia. Man, if you’re not going to lead in a moment like this, why stand up to run for these positions in the first place? So there’s a lot of rot that’s being exposed.”

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