“It’s Becoming More Radical Every Day”: Demonstrations Stir Student Safety Fears

Anti-Israel protests on college campuses have continued to escalate in the past few weeks, as demonstrators have begun occupying parts of Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Critics of these Ivy League universities have called on campus administrations to take action against what they see as clear violations of the schools’ codes of conduct. MIT graduate student and President of the MIT Israel Alliance, Talia Khan joins the Rundown to discuss the anti-Semitism she is witnessing at MIT right now, how the protests changed before and after the October 7th terror attacks in Israel, and what she believes must be done to restore the safety of Jewish students on these university campuses.

Grants Pass, Oregon, took the dispute over their city’s local homelessness ordinances all the way to the Supreme Court this week. Justices argued over the constitutionality of this small city’s new anti-camping rule, which aims to stop the rising homeless population from sleeping outside with municipal laws and fines. Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow and author of “Homelessness in America,” Stephen Eide joins the podcast to explain why this anti-camping rule is meant to be just one tool of many to fix the complex problem of widespread homelessness, the issues facing someone voluntarily homeless vs. involuntarily homeless, and why he believes empowering municipalities is a crucial first step towards a solution.

Plus, commentary by New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz.

Photo Credit: AP