Ohio Republican Congressman and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan joins Fox Across America With Jimmy to explain why he believes the only thing President Biden has to run on in this upcoming election is former President Trump’s legal issues.

“He makes up all kinds of things. We just know. And he’s not going to debate. I mean, I’d be shocked if he would actually agree to debate President Trump. He’s not going to do it. He’s counting on this ridiculous kind of thing going on in New York right now, where they’re occupying President Trump’s, time with Alvin Bragg, who, by the way, the Justice Department wouldn’t bring the case. The Federal elections Committee wouldn’t bring the case against President Trump. Cy Vance, the previous D.A. wouldn’t bring the case, and even Alvin Bragg wouldn’t bring the case until President Trump announces he’s running for president. And one of Alvin Bragg’s assistants writes a book. And suddenly he’s like, oh, I’m going to bring a case now. This is so ridiculous. But that’s just that’s all they got. So they’re going to go after President Trump and see if that’s enough. I just don’t think it is. I think the American people figured it all out.”

Jimmy and Rep. Jordan also discuss the anti-Israel protests taking place at Columbia University. Listen to the podcast to hear everything they talked about!