The uniparty sellouts in the House vote to send another $60 billion to Ukraine and ZERO to stop the invasion at our own border.

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After passing another $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, House Democrats could be seen waving Ukrainian flags on the floor of the US House of Representatives. 

Waving the flag of another country on the floor of the US House is inappropriate. Sending US tax dollars to another country while our border is wide open is inexcusable.

Another $60 billion in aid – more like funny money – to support Ukraine. This aid package that also includes lesser amounts for Israel and Taiwan will most certainly pass the senate and geriatric Joe will sign it. 

Zero dollars to our own border. Zero policy changes made to stop the invasion. Nada. Nothing. 

Well, they told us who they represent. Any/all of ’em up for election in November should be politely and promptly retired so they can depart to Ukraine and report for their true duty.

What an outrage. 

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