Hillary Clinton: Chairman of the Tortured Liars Department

Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump wants to kill and imprison his opposition. 

Sounds like Hillary is reading from her diary again! 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Hillary Clinton is back packing our eardrums and eye sockets with shameless gaslighting and stunning acts of complete and total tone deafness. 

On a recent podcast appearance, she claimed that Donald Trump is gaga over Putin because he wishes he could kill and imprison his opposition and rule without checks and balances. 

Did Hillary just read from her own diary?!

I mean it really is just stunning that she – the original election denier, Trump derangement syndrome patient zero, ring leader of double standards, private servers, and opposition intimidation – could sit there and say those things about Trump with a straight face knowing full well she was describing herself!

But I will be honest, as much as it pains me to look and listen to her, I do hope she keeps talking and I hope she keeps campaigning for Democrats because she is quite literally the least likable human in politics. 

So keep squealing Hillary, you’re making it easier on Trump’s re-election effort. 

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