Foreign Aid Package Passage Leads To Further Calls To Oust Speaker Johnson

Over the weekend, the House passed a foreign aid package, that delivers billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. As the bill enters the Senate this week, House Speaker Mike Johnson is facing criticism within his own party, as the legislation passed with help from nearly all Democratic House members. Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) joins the Rundown to discuss the passage of the foreign aid bill, the threats he is seeing around the world, and shares advice for the current Speaker as Mike Johnson faces calls for ousting.

The world was shocked last month when Britain’s Princess Kate confirmed she had cancer. The 42-year-old princess is part of a concerning trend – a surge in cancer cases among younger adults. In general, cancer risk increases with age. Still, an annual report from the American Cancer Society finds people under age 50 were the only group with an increase in overall cancer incidence from 1995 to 2020, compared to age groups 50 to 65 or 65 and older. Dr. Nicole Saphier, a board-certified radiologist and Fox News Contributor, discusses what factors may be behind these jarring numbers, what symptoms people should look out for, and how doctors should respond to this troubling trend.

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