From Washington: The Political Price Of Rising Energy Costs

While trying to soothe voters’ feelings about inflation, President Biden has a new problem ahead of the summer months. Gas prices are going up, and Americans are taking note of the pain they’re feeling at the pump. Senior Market Analyst with The Price Futures Group and FOX Business Contributor Phil Flynn discusses how international tensions contribute to the rise in prices and explains how the economic impact could cost him the presidential election come November.

Former President Trump’s historic hush money trial kicked off this week, and despite the high-profile nature of the case — the court was able to decide on who will serve on the jury within a few days. Former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and FOX News Contributor Andy McCarthy shares how legal processes like jury selection traditionally go, and how they differ in an extremely unique case such as this. He also weighs in on some legal experts questioning the validity of the charges being held against former President Trump, and how he feels about attorneys being chosen to serve as jurors in this case.