LA Mayor Begs the Wealthy to Help Fund the Homeless Crisis

LA Mayor Karen Bass begs the wealthy to buy housing for the homeless. 

Here we go again.

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California is home to at least 30% of the nation’s homeless population and try as they might, Democrat leaders just can’t seem to find a solution. 

Enter LA Mayor Karen Bass with a new suggestion, for wealthy residents to chip in a little more.

Yep, she is urging wealthy Angelenos to help fund and speed up housing purchases for the homeless. 

She insists that if the city can just buy up more properties for housing the homeless, this systemic crisis will be eased. 

There is so much I wanna say about this, but I will start here:

1) California already taxes the wealthy into oblivion, and it’s still not enough?

2) Now let’s talk about the audit that showed California can’t account for the $24 billion already spent on homelessness

3) How much have taxpayers hemorrhaged taking care of illegal aliens?

The homeless crisis will never be solved in California so long as Democrats are in charge!

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