Denver Defunds Police Department to Pay for Illegal Immigrants!

Denver will partially defund its police department to prioritize care and resources for illegal immigrants.
You get what you vote for, Denver!
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We’ve got two major problems in America, an illegal immigration influx and a crime crisis. 
Well the Democrat-controlled city of Denver has thumbed its nose at both of those with its new budget proposal. 
Get this, Denver will allocate $45 million dollars in funding for programs dedicated to the illegal immigrant crisis and this will come at the expense of its police budget.
Yep, an $8 million dollar budget cut to the police department budget to prioritize funding for people who have no right to be here. 
And the city of Denver only has about one thousand migrants being cared for in shelters. 
You can bet your bottom dollar more are on the way and these budget cuts to necessary programs will continue and worsen to pay for Biden’s open border.
Every city is a border city and every state is a border state under Joe!
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