WATCH: Will Cain Joins the Guy Benson Show and Talks Biden’s Gaffes, Caitlin Clark

Will Cain, Host of The Will Cain Show Live (on FOX at 12PM ET Monday to Thursday) & co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend 6-10amET, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest on many in the media (and government) demanding higher salaries for professional female athletes.  Benson and Cain also address some of Biden’s new follies and misquotes. Listen to the full podcast below!

Watch the full interview:

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Listen to the full podcast:


Cain had this to say on salaries in women’s professional sports:

“It’s simple economics. The NBA generates $10 billion in revenue. The WNBA generates $100 million in revenue. And those are growth figures. Meaning that’s how much money walks to the door before a penny is spent… Nobody is that stupid. They’re just purposely playing identity politics and dividing people.”