Illegal Immigrants DEMAND more in NYC!

Illegal immigrants flocked to New York City Hall to make demands for even more than they’ve already been given!

The audacity is ASTOUNDING!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

Biden’s illegal immigrants are becoming more brazen and entitled by the day. 

This week a massive hoard of them-mostly adult military-aged males- swarmed NYC City Hall to demand better assistance, the right to work, and luxury hotel accommodations instead of the shelters provided by the city.

Isn’t that just special? Illegals making demands when they have no right to even be here. 

But why wouldn’t they? They have become accustomed to that lifestyle as well as the shameless and complete disregard of our immigration laws and practices. 

Just think, over 7 million plus have been let in on Joe Biden’s watch. That’s a massive population of people that will need ongoing resources and assistance for years if not generations to come.

The open border will no doubt contribute to the downfall of our great country and it’ll be a miracle if it doesn’t bankrupt us as a nation. 

You really did it Joe.

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