Texas Republican Congressman Chip Roy joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to give his take on House Speaker Mike Johnson unveiling the text of separate bills to provide assistance to Ukraine, Israel and U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific.

“I spent four hours last night in the speaker’s office, and we were all working to try to achieve a path forward. I believe that we should stand alongside Israel. I was trying to get to a place where we could put an Israel only bill on the floor and then have a debate about to pay for it, and then have debate over Ukraine and the border. And I was willing to put anything on the table to think through it. And unfortunately, that’s not the path that’s been chosen. They are going to jam us with a $95 billion, hear that again, $95 billion package of money going overseas, to Ukraine to Israel to Taiwan. Some of that money will get to Hamas. Some of that money will go to soft spending and Ukraine. And all of that is going to not do a damn thing about the border.”

Rep. Roy and Jimmy also discuss how the migrant crisis is straining New York City’s resources. To hear everything they discussed, listen to the podcast!

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