Jennifer Sey: From Being Rejected by Levi’s and the Left, to Finding Her Voice and Founding Her Own Pro-Women’s Athletic Brand

Jennifer Sey, founder and CEO of XX-XY athletics, and author of Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job But Gave Me My Voice, joined the Guy Benson Show today to share her ever relevant story of leaving Levi’s Jeans after being censored for her pro-school reopening positions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jennifer shared her story of censorship and subsequent rejection from left-leaning circles in the wake of her advocating for herself and others. Jennifer has now founded a pro-women’s clothing brand aptly called XX-XY Athletics. Guy and Jennifer discuss her story in the full interview below!

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Sey had this to say about being rejected from and drug by left-leaning circles:

“I’ll admit it really hurt me at first. And I tried to defend myself. But you see, they’re not honest brokers when they show those names. And so you can’t. So now I laugh because it’s so silly and ridiculous. Call me whatever you want. I’m also Jewish and I’ve been called a Nazi, so you know… It doesn’t have to make sense. And so you have to laugh at it. And that’s what I tell people. You’ve got to stand up and you got to say true things.”