Is Justice Blind When It Comes To Former President Trump?

Former President Trump appeared in a New York court on Monday for jury selection in his hush money trial. Over the next six months, the former President will be facing criminal trials across multiple states, all while making his pitch on the campaign trail in the 2024 election. Former New York City prosecutor Elliot Felig joins the Rundown to explain the charges that the former President faces. Later, Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin and member of the FOX News Decision Desk, Daron Shaw, joins to discuss how the former President will handle the campaign trail and how these cases impact public opinion.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday regarding the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. Hundreds of individuals who participated in the insurrection are facing various charges. However, former police officer Joseph Fisher is appealing his conviction and arguing that the obstruction law used to charge him does not apply. If the Supreme Court decides that the prosecutors stretched the meaning of the law, it could lead to two charges against former President Trump being dropped. To explain the obstruction charge and how it could impact Trump’s legal fate, Sol Wisenberg, a FOX News contributor and former deputy independent counsel in the Whitewater and President Clinton investigations, joins the podcast.

Plus, commentary by columnist David Marcus.

Photo Credit: AP