Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the Iranian attack on Israel. Ernst says the Biden administration has been extremely weak and they need to stand firmly with Israel. Ernst wants the Biden administration to cut off Iran’s oil revenues as a consequence of their attack. Ernst pushed back on the administration saying they do not have the money to enforce sanctions against Iran. Ernst, who is sponsoring a bipartisan bill with Senator Blumenthal “Iran, Sanctions Enforcement Act”, says the bill would force the administration to enforce the sanctions. After the sanctions are enforced, Ernst says we start seizing Iranian oil, which will give the Biden administration the money to enforce the sanctions. Ernst also pushed back on Admiral Kirby blaming the Trump administration for going soft on Iran, pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and putting Iran closer to potential nuclear weapon capabilities. Ernst said it was the Democrats who were enabling Iran and providing them with billions of dollars which funded the drones and ballistic missiles used to not only attack Israel, but American troops on the ground throughout the Middle East as well.