Disney Cracks Down on Disability FRAUDS

Disney Parks are cracking down on disability frauds and it’s about time!

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From people who have fake handicap placards hanging in their cars to people who lie about their pets being “service animals,” our society has been far too lenient on petty liars.

That’s why I’m happy to hear Disney will start doing something about it. 

The company announced it will begin issuing lifetime bans for individuals who exploit the “disability access services” at Disney parks.

In addition, any annual or magic key passes purchased by individuals who have lied about their disability status will be forfeited without refund. 

This comes after far too many park guests have tried to game and cheat the system in order to gain faster access and shorter wait times by claiming disabled status.

I applaud Disney for cracking down on this. It is unacceptable and classless to fake a disability just to get the perks.

 It’s also a huge slap in the face to those with true disabilities that need the accommodation!

I haven’t said this in a while but, bravo to Disney!

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