“YOU NEED TO STAND UP AND DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY”: Sen. Joni Ernst Sounds Off on Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), the first female combat veteran elected to the US Senate and author of DAUGHTER OF THE HEARTLAND: My Ode to the Country that Raised Me, joined the Guy Benson show to discuss KJP and Biden’s flip-flopping on Israel and calls for a ceasefire. Benson and Sen. Ernst also discuss student loans and the legality of the bailout. Finally, Sen. Ernst and Guy discuss Rep. Tlaib and her refusal to denounce chants that wish death to America. Listen to the full interview below!

Full Interview:

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Sen. Ernst had this to say on Rep. Tlaib’s refusal to condone anti-America comments:

“You need to stand up and defend your country… I’m absolutely disheartened by those chanting ‘death to America'”