Congressman Dan Crenshaw,(R-TX) joined Brian Kilmeade moments after he spoke on the House Floor offering up amendments for the renewal to Section 702 which is the key provision of FISA. Crenshaw explains how his amendment would allow us to collect intelligence using FISA on the drug trafficking networks, trafficking fentanyl into the United States, including their Chinese counterparts. Crenshaw says people might be shocked to hear we don’t have the legal right, right now to even get a warrant to collect on the facilitators and Chinese production facilities that are putting fentanyl into this country and points out how there are even republicans who are against collecting information on the cartels and Chinese communists. A major reason Crenshaw is pushing for these changes in FISA is because he is tired of having to talk to parents who lost children to fentanyl because we were unable to collect the data on the cartels and Chinese communists who have a hand in the deaths of Americans. Crenshaw also addressed areas where FISA is being abused and how he has put up 56 extreme reforms to the program and specifically affect the FBI abuses by decreasing the number of FBI agents who can even access FISA by 90%. Crenshaw added, “A lot of this bill is directed at what happened to Trump and making sure that can never happen again.”