Joe’s Border Dilemma

President Biden is reportedly mulling over the idea of taking executive action on the border crisis…it only took 3 and a half years and really low poll numbers to get there!


I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 


Immigration is shaping up to be THE issue of the 2024 election and Democrats know they don’t have a leg to stand on, Joe knows it too.


After 3 and a half years of ignoring the issue, pretending its not a crisis, and allowing 10 million illegal immigrants to take root in our country, Joe is reportedly considering his options to stem the flow and take executive action.


That’s cute and all but it’s too little too late! 


We all know this has nothing to do with his genuine will and desire to fix the problem but rather the poll numbers and number of voters who will jump ship over his handling of the invasion. 


Joe may very well do something in the next month to make a dent in the problem but we all know if re-elected he will open our borders wider than ever once the threat of losing an election isn’t looming. 


Donald Trump is the ONLY answer and the only leader who will take LEGITIMATE action!


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