EMBARRASSING CA State Audit on Homeless Crisis Revealed!

California taxpayers have blown over 20 billion on the homeless crisis but the state has failed to track what that money has actually done…


Paging Governor Newsom…


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California is home- no pun intended- to 30% of the nation’s homeless population and despite spending over $20 billion on the issue over the last 5 years, it’s only getting worse. 


A new state audit also shows that the state has failed to effectively track where all that money has gone and what it has actually done to improve the problem!


 This is so California, it hurts!


Billions have been thrown at this homeless crisis and yet, the state does not have reliable data to understand where that money has been spent and if it’s been cost-effective at all. 


I lived in California for several years so this doesn’t surprise me one bit. 


It’s the homeless industrial complex at work. If leaders actually solved the problem, the money would dry up!


Taxpayers are throwing money at the wall and it is NOT sticking!


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