The Issues Weighing On Americans’ Minds

Inflation is creeping back up, with the prices of common goods rising 0.4% in March from the previous month, according to the Labor Department. Yet, President Joe Biden continues to tout that his policies are working, saying that under his administration, inflation has fallen from its peak. However, polls suggest that his economic message is not resonating with voters. On the Rundown, co-anchor of America’s Newsroom, Bill Hemmer, joins to discuss how the economy, the border, and the abortion issue will impact 2024 voters.

Congress is in crunch time to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, as it is often referred to. House Republicans have worked on reforms for the act, which they say has been misused over the past two decades to unlawfully spy on American citizens, who in some cases have not committed a crime. The deadline for reauthorization is set for April 19, but it has faced heavy pushback by GOP hardliners. FOX News Contributor and retired CIA Station Chief Dan Hoffman joins the Rundown to explain what function FISA serves, the reforms that Republicans are aiming to get approved, and the national security implications if the act is not reauthorized.

Plus, commentary from U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Photo Credit: AP