“WHAT A PERFECT VIGNETTE”: Josh Holmes Talks MSNBC’s Laughable Inflation Update

Josh Holmes, Founding Partner of Cavalry LLC and co-host of The Ruthless Podcast, joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest on MSNBC’s embarrassing coverage of the ongoing inflation crisis in the United States. Benson and Holmes also discuss the 2024 presidential election and the difference in this election cycle and previous ones. Holmes also analyzes the difference in coverage between GOP and Democratic candidates. Listen to the full interview below.

Full Interview:

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Holmes had this to say on the liberal signaling about the economy:

“You ever notice, Guy, how anytime something goes wrong on the progressive left, it’s always about the messaging. It’s about disinformation. It’s about, you know, sometimes they’re not speaking clearly enough. It’s never about the absolute God awful economic policies or right candidates. You know, like all the things that they do wrong.”