Illegal Immigrants for Biden/Harris

Breaking News, illegal immigrants want Biden to be re-elected over fear a President Trump wouldn’t let them in!

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Here is a tidbit of news that is not breaking or shocking in the least, illegal immigrants interviewed while waiting to cross into the US told the Free Press they hope Biden gets re-elected because Donald Trump wouldn’t let them in. 

Well isn’t that something? The illegal immigrants themselves are saying what Democrats won’t say, that Biden is letting them in and will continue to let them in as long as he remains in control!

And they are 100% right. The Biden Administration has allowed 10 million illegals to enter our country, a historic number for all the wrong reasons!

Day 1 he rolled back Trump’s immigration policies, policies that were working and policies that kept our border safe and secure. 

Should Trump win re-election, the word will go out around the world that the United States is no longer a doormat for the world’s criminals, felons, degenerates and free-loaders! 

I can’t think of a better reason to vote for Trump in November than this. 

Make America a Country Again!

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