Dictator Joe with more Student Loan Forgiveness

Dictator Joe is at it again with his student loan forgiveness GRIFT!

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Another day, another dollar out of your pocket into so-called “student loan forgiveness.”

Dictator Joe unveiled yet another student loan forgiveness plan this week and plans to cancel debt for more than 30 million borrowers. 

The Supreme Court already ruled this move unconstitutional but just like all the other laws he chooses to ignore, Joe doesn’t give a rip because Joe is underwater with young voters and he’s gotta buy them somehow. 

It is not my duty or your duty to cover the debt for students and graduate students who spent their college years screwing around or spent their college years attaining a worthless gender studies degree. 

These student loan handouts do nothing to address the un-affordability of college tuition. 

These colleges have zero incentive to be cost competitive or deliver students with earning potential. 

They also employ these tenured professors with huge salaries that spend more time on woke indoctrination than teaching anyway! 

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