Florida No Longer a Swing State?

This toss up state may no longer be in play as Republican voter registration BOOMS!


Can you guess where? 


I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.


Florida has long been a purple state and a swing state but under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, the Sunshine State may be out of play for Democrats. 


Voter registration reports indicate GOP voters now outnumber Democrats by nearly 900,000. 


This is given in 2018 Republicans trailed Democrat registrants by nearly 300,000.


So what accounts for this major shift? Well, almost too many things to count. 


According to Governor DeSantis, not only did the Sunshine state pick up huge populations from blue states like New York, but former Democrat voters in the state have had a change of heart and switched parties. 


I believe the tipping point for all of this was how Governor DeSantis handled the COVID pandemic response. While blue state tyrants kept a lid on life, DeSantis allowed people the freedom to live and work. 


Then there’s also his steadfast support of law enforcement and law and order itself. 


Under his leadership, the Sunshine State may not only deliver big red victories, but remain that way for many years to come! 


God bless Florida!


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