Trump RAKES in $50 Million in One Night!

Democrats are hot and bothered over Donald Trump’s YUGE Florida fundraiser!

Keep crying, Liberals!

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Over the weekend, former President Trump raised a whopping $50 million bucks at his Palm Beach fundraiser. 

He reportedly spoke for about 45 minutes to roughly 120 people- a sharp contrast to Joe’s New York City star-studded fundraiser with Obama and Clinton a couple weeks back. 

Joe had to call in the big guns- like Lizzo and Stephen Colbert- to bring in $25 million. 

Donald Trump doubled that amount with little more than a microphone and an American flag. 

It’s no wonder Democrats and Biden surrogates are hot and bothered, their plan all along has been to bankrupt their competitor and bury him in legal fees. 

Perhaps they just don’t get it yet, Donald Trump is beloved among his party. He has real enthusiasm behind him. 

Nobody is excited about Joe. His own party wants him off the ticket as his polls plummet week after week. 

Teflon Don is built for this and nothing they throw at him will slow him- or his supporters- down!

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