Illegal Alien TikToker Complains from Behind Bars

The illegal immigrant influencer who urged fellow illegals to squat in homes is now playing victim from inside an Ohio jail.

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The illegal immigrant TikTok influencer Leonel Moreno who became social media infamous for posting about his brazen illegal status and recently encouraged fellow illegals to squat in American homes, was arrested by ICE nearly 2 years after entering illegally through Eagle Pass. 

Now that he is finally in custody in an Ohio jail, he is whining and complaining about the “persecution” he is facing in the United States.

In a 30 minute video tele-visit from inside the jail, Moreno cried that he misses his freedom and claims he is being defamed. He also vowed to use his First Amendment rights- that he does not have- to fight charges. 

Truth is, Moreno has no legal right to be here and should have been deported long ago but thanks to Biden’s catch-and-release illegal immigrant parole program, he, like millions of others, has been allowed to skirt the system. 

The day Trump is back in the White House and begins his mass deportation program, will be a victorious day for America!

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