Solar Eclipse Promises Economic Boom For Towns In “The Path Of Totality”

Millions of people across the country are preparing for the total eclipse this Monday, as its path will traverse through Texas and all the way to Maine. Towns within the path of totality are already reaping the economic benefits from eclipse tourism, with some estimations saying there could be a $1 billion economic stimulus due to eclipse travel. Theoretical cosmologist and NASA advisor Paul Sutter joins the Rundown to explain what happens during a total eclipse, and what precautions are needed during the event. Later, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce president and Chief Executive Officer Robert Duffy joins to discuss the economic impact the eclipse is having on his town.

There are about thirty weeks left until the presidential election, and neither candidate is really losing the race. Recent polling shows President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are virtually tied. However, the Wall Street Journal shows that Trump is ahead in six out of seven battleground states. Earlier this week, First Lady Jill Biden told CBS Mornings that her husband is not losing in swing states. Republican Strategist Colin Reed joins to explain why it’s in poor taste for the president to be “challenging the veracity” of the polls, why the Democrats are struggling to maintain their base, and why people are not thrilled about Vice President Kamala Harris.

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