“A Turning Point On Two Fronts”: Israel Approaches Sixth Month At War

It has been nearly six months since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war, and Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a rare apology for the recent deaths of seven aid workers killed in an airstrike in Gaza. International pressure mounted for both Israel and the United States after this strike, as President Biden offered swift criticism for Netanyahu’s failure to protect aid workers and Gazan civilians. The President stopped short of drawing a red line with U.S. military aid to Israel; however, this event only furthered the tensions between the two world leaders. FOX News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst joins the Rundown to explain the global fallout from the deaths of the World Central Kitchen aid workers, the potential escalation in the region with the Israeli strike on Damascus, and the dangers posed to the Israeli Defense Force if they stay in Gaza too long.

The release of the docuseries “Quiet On Set” has brought increased attention to the treatment of child actors, with numerous former child stars calling out the abuse and mistreatment they faced while working on television and movie productions. Former stars are now speaking up and advocating for legislation that protects the welfare of child actors. Actor and advocate Alyson Stoner joins the podcast to discuss the challenges they faced during their time as child stars, the details of the “Kidfluencer Protection Act” that they are pushing to get passed in Ohio, and the heavy mental toll that the acting industry can have on adolescents.

Plus, commentary by a former investment banker and author of ‘You Will Own Nothing,’ Carol Roth.

Photo Credit: AP