WI Governor VETOES Bill to Protect Women’s Sports

The Governor of Wisconsin VETOED a bill that would have protected and preserved women’s sports.


Feminism is dead.


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There is no single issue more unnecessarily divisive than men competing in women’s sports. The fact that this has become such a hot button issue is absurd.


And here’s what is even more absurd, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers VETOED a bill that would have forbidden biological men from competing against women in WOMEN’S SPORTS!


The Republican-controlled Wisconsin legislature did great work to get this bill to his desk and with one fell swoop, he crushed it and sadly, the sanctity of women’s athletics in his state. 


He had promised to veto the bill, calling it “anti-LGBTQ” and unfortunately, he succeeded. 


Republicans do not have the votes to override the veto. 


The worst part of this whole thing is how these Democrat lawmakers celebrate the mockery they are making of women’s sports and feminism, in general. 


Weird, I thought Liberals were supposed to be the ones carrying the feminist banner….


I guess that’s another lie!


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