Joe Denies Declaring “Trans Visibility Day” on Easter

President Joe insists he didn’t issue a proclamation making “Trans Visibility Day” on Easter Sunday.


Cool story Joe, but it is verifiably untrue!


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Like many of you I was shocked and disgusted to see President Biden issue the proclamation declaring March 31st- AKA Easter Sunday- as “Trans Visibility Day.”


I saw it. You saw it. The whole world saw it. It was an official White House proclamation also tweeted by the President AND the White House! 


Yet, when asked by reporters at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll about the proclamation, Joe said he “didn’t do that.” 


He also called House Speaker Mike Johnson “thoroughly uniformed” for suggesting it. 


I know Joe lives on another planet, but apparently also in an alternate reality!


Now the White House was quick to rush in and clarify that Biden didn’t choose March 31st because it was Easter but rather because that date was pre-selected in 2021.


Either way, it fell on Easter Sunday. Joe definitely declared it “Trans Visibility

Day,” and the whole debacle is just another notch on the daily Biden embarrassment belt! 


Does he think we are THAT stupid?!


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