The RFK Jr Factor

FK Jr has Team Biden shaking in their orthopedic boots.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

Incumbent Joe Biden and his team have pretended not to notice RFK Jr but that strategy does seem to be working. 

Despite being a long shot for the presidency itself, RFK Jr is still putting up pretty high poll and favorability numbers, something Sleepy Joe better wake up to. 

According to the latest national polling, when third party candidates like RFK Jr are factored in, Donald Trump pulls ahead of Joe Biden. 

RFK is currently snagging about 13% of the vote and that is nothing to scoff at. 

And while RFK Jr might be running as an Independent, his views are certainly far Left. 

This means the likelihood of him pillaging Joe’s voters is much higher than any subtraction he could peel off from Trump. 

Add that to the fact RFK’s running mate Nicole Shanahan has some pretty deep pockets, and Ole Joe better be on his orthopedic toes!

The DNC might try to keep RFK off the ballot with some technicalities but they better face the obvious reality, NO ONE LIKES JOE!

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