Congestion Pricing Coming to NYC

New Yorkers, get ready to dole out $15 or MORE to drive some of Manhattan’s busiest streets!

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As if it wasn’t expensive enough to live and work in New York City, now the MTA has officially moved forward with congestion pricing. 

The new fees were approved in an 11-1 vote and when implemented will cost motorists $15 bucks to enter Midtown Manhattan below 60th Street. The toll for trucks will reportedly be even higher. 

Supporters of this congestion pricing plan say it’ll reduce traffic and generate billions for the city. Some are also pushing the climate change and pollution angle like this is some kind of victory for Mother Earth. 

Those people don’t get how air works. This toll isn’t going to keep people from driving, it will just further burden already struggling Americans and push traffic from one area into another- same pollution just spread out. 

This is a real slap in the face to those who need to get around the city or happen to work in high-trafficked areas. 

Again I ask, why would ANYONE want to live in New York City?!

Another cash grab, another fee. 

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