Comedian Charles McBee joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to give his take on Democratic strategist James Carville’s warning about the Democratic Party’s eroding support among young minority voters.

“I mean, during the King era and Civil Rights and then, you know, working with LBJ and etc., etc., you know, there was a time where it felt like, I mean, I wasn’t around back then, but it was a time where it felt like Democrats were more in line, the whole JFK era, RFK, where Democrats were more aligned with, Black people’s freedoms and getting there. Right? However, over the years, particularly now, Black people, it’s not so much that they’re running to Republicans. They’re ticked off across the board.  Yeah, some are running toward the Republican Party, but a lot are just opting out right now. And so which in itself, if the  voting bloc was primarily for Democrats, then ultimately opting out hurts Democrats more than it does the Republicans. So it could be three Black people trickling over to the Republican side, it’s still a win if if more people are opting out altogether.”

Jimmy and Charles also discuss why they think comedy is at its best when politics is left out of it. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they talked about!

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